Engaging Young Minds Whilst Heading For The Stars

Kids in Space inspire young people through their fascination with outer-space and related technologies. We provide opportunities for young people to reach beyond the skies via our Space Cadet program. KIS aim to be active throughout Greater Manchester, working with our partners to fund and grow our Space Cadet Programme. We undertake weekly workshop activity sessions to promote STEM based skills in a continuous flow. KIS develop all our STEM ambassadors, build awareness, and are Inclusive.

MAKEFEST 2019 success story

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of May 2019 the Science and Industry Museum hosted their annual MAKER fare once again. Kids in Space were our usual huge attraction entertaining and educating hundreds of mums, dads and kids who visited us across the two days.

Rocket Racing – was a unique activity whereby young people were encouraged to customise the rockets they were given, prior to attaching it to a balloon to race a friend, brother or sister. Everybody seemed to enjoy this activity that showcased one of Issac Newton’s laws of motion.

Buggy Treking – involved winding up a clockwork car and trying your luck at manipulating it carefully across a Moon landscape replica along a designated path.

Drone Landing – Roger flew the drone through a few circuits, randomly landing it on the Moonscape. If you guessed correctly where it might land you won a prize. However, everybody went home with something. 

"As soon as I get home later I'm going to Google Issac Newton, and learn all about him" . - Emma, aged 8 - makefest 2019
workshop visitor
"Thank you so much, my kids have had a great day and learnt so much." - Mrs M. Cheadle - makefest 2019
workshop visitor
You are doing a great job - this is so entertaining and thought provoking - Parent, Didsbury - Makefest 2019
workshop visitor
“My Daughter has autism / ADHD. She is usually aggressive at school. Today she has been calm throughout, explaining how the train moves and was easily understood.” - makefest 2018
workshop visitor
“Mother of George & Edward, a chemistry teacher, said “…it was very, very good and effective way of engaging the children in science.” - makefest 2018
workshop visitor