About Kids in Space

Kids in Space has currently been operating in an inspirational, motivational, and awe-inspiring capacity for over eight years. Our mission has always been to introduce, captivate, then educate, all who wish to increase their knowledge in STEM related technologies.

Initially, KIS focussed on primary school aged children in order to spark the fascination and wonder of the many possibilities presented through technological advances. A strategic progression was outlined to seamlessly progress interested young people to follow a path to have fun yet carve out a career within space-related technologies and all they offer. A pathway up to age of 25 years of age was available for any young person who wished to follow whatever interest could lead them to their eventual goal.

Government targets and the essential immediate necessity for a skilled workforce have somewhat dictated KIS’s slight change of trajectory. We have and always will be young-person-centric, however, KIS now undertake projects whereby no age, gender, circumstance or cultural background is a barrier.

Rapid directional developments regarding trends and technological trajectories, plus our partner’s priorities, have necessitated our own change. We still seek to reap the social value that comes from community engagement at all levels. But now KIS have begun to streamline our output and allow other parties to realise the value they are due.