Kids in Space relies on its partners to carry out activities in line with its established aims.

We have two categories of partners: funding partners and partners supplying in-kind support.

Kids in Space enters into a joint venture partnerships with with synergistic in-kind support partners in order to support our projects.

Our funding partners are of course important to us as there is always a limit to what can be achieved with just in-kind support.

Funding Partners Mainly for the purchase of essential project-related equipment and materials plus associated volunteer expenses.
In-Kind Support Partners For the provision of operational space, admin support and facilities pertinent to specific project requirements.
Joint Venture Partnerships
Developed out of synergistic in-kind relationships with existing in-kind partners to meet the objectives of specific projects.
Kids in Space inspire young people through their fascination with outer-space and related technologies. We provide opportunities for young people to reach beyond the skies.
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